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Hive tool

What is  Hive tool ? A metal device used to open hives, pry frames apart, and scrape wax and propolis from the hive parts. A bladed and hooked bar used by the beekeeper to maintain and manage a hive. A metal device used by beekeepers to open the hive and pry frames apart for inspection. A multifunctional tool used by a beekeeper to open and clean the hive. A thin metal device used to open hives Valuable device for all beekeepers. Used to open hives, separate frames and even, sometimes, to remove stings by people whose fingernails are too short to grip the stinger. A metal tool with a scraping surface at one end and a blade at the other; used to open hives, pry frames apart, clean hives, etc. A flat metal device with a curved scraping surface used to open hives and pry apart and scrape frames.