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Bee Smoker

What is Bee Smoker?

  1. A device in which materials are slowly burned to produce smoke (not flames) which is used to subdue bees. It is important to use a material that produces a cool smoke as not to harm the bees.
  2. A tool to blow cool smoke over your hive.
  3. A tool with bellows and a fire chamber that is used by beekeepers to produce thick, cool smoke. The smoke makes colonies easier to work with during inspections.
  4. A device used to create smoke to control bees
  5. A device in which burlap, wood shavings, or other materials are slowly burned to produce smoke which is used to subdue bees.
  6. A box with bellows, in which a wide variety of materials are burnt to product cool thick smoke. The smoke is used to hide the pheromone signals produced by the bees, allowing the beekeeper to easily access the hive.
  7. a device in which burlap, wood shavings, or other slow-burning materials are used to produce smoke that is used to subdue bees.
  8. A device made of a steel cylinder and bellows, used to blow smoke over bees to pacify them
  9. Essential device that looks like a metal can with a bellows and a spout on opposite sides. Produces smoke to calm bees and encourage them to move from the area of the hive which you want to work on.
  10. A device that burns slow-burning fuels to generate smoke for the purpose of keeping the bees calm while working in their hive.
  11. Device used to blow smoke on honey bees to calm them and thus reduce stinging of the operator.


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