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What is Foundation?

  1. A sheet of beeswax impressed with the pattern of bases of worker cells on which the bees build cells and comb.
  2. A thin sheet of beeswax that has been embossed with a pattern of hexagon-shaped cells. Bees use this as a guide to neatly build full-depth comb.
  3. A thin sheet of wax that is embossed to be used as a guide for comb creation by the bees. Can be wired or unwired.


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What is Abdomen?The third region of the body of a bee enclosing the honey stomach, true stomach, intestine, sting, and reproductive organs.An entire colony of bees that abandons the hive because of disease, wax moth, or other maladies.The tracheal mite (different from the varroa mite). It lives in the tracheal air tubes and affects the bee’s breathing.

Alighting board

What is alighting board?Alighting board - slope in front of entrance for bees to land on before entering hive. Also known as a landing board.

Winter cluster

What is Winter cluster?A ball-like arrangement of adult bees within the hive during winter.A tightly packed cluster of bees that forms to maintain warmth during the colder winter months.